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Responsive design, what do we do?

Here at SAE Web Design we've being producing responsive websites for over five years. We use the latest HTML5 code along with PHP, MySQL, Javascript and jQuery to make your site not only look great, but function flawlessly.

Responsive design has been included as standard in our web design projects from 2015, and will be included in your new website too.

SAE Web Design Responsive Web Desing 1

How does responsive design help my website?

If you are viewing this website on your mobile device, we hope you'll agree that you don't have to zoom in to view the text, and navigating the website is very simple and clear. If you are viewing this website on a desktop PC or a Mac, try making your browser window narrower, and watch the website fluidly adapt to take into account the width of your browser window. A responsive website will constantly adjust to look great on anything from large monitors, all the way down to mobile phones.

Since 2015 Google has been ranking mobile websites (which include all our responsive websites) higher in searches on mobile devices. This is becasue Google want to send their users to websites which display properly on the device that their user is completing a search on.

Google doesn't want to send a user to a website where they have to zoom in, move about the page, and then the site not work. They want to send their visitors to a website which is 100% related to their search, and which functions and displays correctly on the device they are using. This may be a tablet, smart phone or a reader, no matter what, the website needs to function and pass Google's 'Mobile-Friendly Test'.

SAE Web Design Responsive Web Desing 1

Google's 'Mobile-Friendly Test'

Simply put, this 'test' checks whether a website displays and works correctly on mobile devices. Google set out certain conditions within the design and coding of a website which must be fulfilled for this test to be passed. If the test is passed, the website is deemed 'mobile friendly' and is ranked higher in mobile searches.

To see if a website is mobile friendly they provide a 'checker'. This is where you can input a URL of a website page, and Google checks whether that webpage is 'mobile friendly'. All of our websites pass this critical test.

Check any page of any of our responsive websites and the page will be verified as 'mobile-friendly'.

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SAE Web Design Responsive Web Desing 1

Where to start, I need a website...

We have two web design packages to choose from, these can be seen below. Once you have selected your package, you can take a quick look at our web design process. This will roughly walk you through the steps from contacting us, to getting your new website online so the rest of the world can view it.

This sample web design process won't cover all possibilities, you might not need every step, and other people might need some extras steps depending on the complexity of the website they/you require.

Once you have read how our web design process works, simply contact us with your requirements. No job is too big or too small, and there are no stupid questions, so just ask us anything you're not sure about. We aim to get back to you with a no obligation quote within 24 hours, or we'll be in touch if we need some more information before we do this.

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Standard Web Design Package
Standard Package
The perfect web design package to get you started - up to 5 pages
Bespoke Design

Each design is started and coded from scratch, no templates are used

Responsive Design

Your website will adapt to look great on ALL devices. Google now ranks websites with this feature higher on searches on mobile devices

Feature Rich

Galleries, Banners, Booking Forms, Facebook & Twitter Feeds, AdWords, Google Analytics plus much more...

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Ultimate Web Design Package
Ultimate Package
Unlimited pages and unlimited web space
All of the Standard Package

Enjoy all the features of our standard package

Accept online Payments

Take payments with Paypal or SagePay. Get notifications after successful payments have been processed

Unlimited Web Space

You can enjoy unlimited space and bandwidth on our cloud server. This includes unlimited email accounts too

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Cloud Hosting
Website Hosting
Enjoy our state of the art cloud hosting
Standard Package Hosting

Enjoy 1GB of server space and 5GB of bandwidth per month. Each website comes with up to 5 email accounts

Ultimate Package Hosting

You can use as much server space and bandwidth as you like on our ultimate package. You can also have as many email accounts as you need

Existing Websites

Paying too much for your web hosting? Get unlimited cloud cPanel hosting with us for just £14.99 per year

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